Google Doodle pour l’allaitement maternel – part 2

Avez vous envoye un mail comme tant d'autres meres et associations a Google  pour leur demander de participer a la normalisation et sensibilation a l'allaitement ? Si ce n'est pas fait vous pouvez leur adresser un mail ici : Un exemple d' email :
Dear Google, We, the breastfeeding support and promotion community, would be delighted to have Google help us normalize breastfeeding throughout the world. World Breastfeeding Week takes place from August 1-7, 2012, and Dionna at Code Name: Mama has brainstormed several ways Google can join the celebration ( I added up my I added up my suggestions in this list below  (inclure dans la liste ci dessous vos propositions) :
    • Feature a Google Doodle Honoring Breastfeeding - Be sure to check out the suggested Doodle created by Joni Rae from Tales of a Kitchen Witch!
    • Include the Searcher's State Law on Breastfeeding on Every Search Result
    • Offer Free Advertising Space to Breastfeeding Organizations
    • List One of the Many Reasons to Breastfeed in Gmail's Sponsored Links
    • Add World Breastfeeding Week to the Holidays on Google Calendar
    • Put a Breastfeeding Pair in Street Views
    • Reject Advertising from Companies That Aren't Who Code Compliant
    • Turn the Google Map Pegman into a Breastfeeding Pegwoman
  • Feature a Breastfeeding Video on the Front Page of YouTube
  World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year in over 176 countries around the world, and this year marks the 20th anniversary. We would love to have Google be a vital part of this milestone. Thank you for considering this proposal. Sincerely, ( vos nom et prenom)
Le Huffing Post a publie l'article contributif de Dionna Rae et Jiona Ford, d'ou est extrait l'email ci dessus : 9 Ways Google Can Help Normalize Breastfeeding . Alors a vos plumes !

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